How to choose an electric grill

How to choose an electric grill

By ironstill

August 14, 2018

Ever wanted to cook shish kebab, sausages or just meat on the grill, without leaving home? Time for country trips is not always and not at all, but everyone likes to eat delicious. Well, with the help of a conventional electric grill this problem is solved “for once or twice”.

Despite the fact that at first glance the variety of models presented in the sale does not seem too complicated, grills are very different from each other. The purpose of this article is to help you understand these differences and understand what exactly affects the usability of the device and the final result of cooking.

In the next section we will talk about all the important technical characteristics of electrogrills that need to be paid attention to when choosing, and then we will suggest you to choose from ten excellent models for every taste that you can buy from stores in our catalog.

What To Look For When Buying Electric Grills

  • Type

Most of the models in our catalog are electrogrolytes. They are devices from two halves, between which are located clamped cooking products. Almost always heated both halves, which allows you not to worry about turning over meat and vegetables.

Also on sale it is possible to meet more specialized devices – kebabs, barbecue and racletnitsy.

Barbecues have a vertical heating element, around which are skewers with meat. They will allow you to make shish kebab at home slightly better than conventional electrogrills – the meat will be baked evenly and will taste better.

Barbecue – electric grills without a second half, in fact – large specialized frying pans. If you want to constantly watch meat while cooking, and turning it over for you is no problem, then buying a barbecue is an excellent (and usually cheaper) option.

Raklet, a traditional Swiss dish, which consists of melted cheese, meat, bread and vegetables.

  • Power

The power of any kitchen determines not only the amount of energy consumption, but also the quality of the dishes. The higher the grill capacity, the better and faster it will be able to cope with the task. If you are going to cook meat often, it is better to choose a model with a capacity of 2000 W and above.

However, less powerful electrogryls should not be written off – they are usually cheaper and only slightly slower than expensive analogues.

  • Functions

Perhaps the most important function is the function of the grill press. It allows to clamp meat and other products between two heated halves of the device, which makes the cooking quick and uniform.

Some models of grills are equipped with special fasteners for skewers, which makes it possible to cook shish kebab with them. Up to the quality of specialized shish kebabs they do not hold out, but the shish kebab will still be very tasty!

In addition, individual models can be used as a pancake pan or frying pan. If your kitchen does not have much space, it will be useful, but remember: several different specialized appliances will always be better at cooking than one universal.

  • Design Features

Almost an obligatory condition of purchase is to consider the presence of the grill non-stick coating. It is not available only for the cheapest models, which we would not recommend. It is only necessary to remember that it is necessary to clean this coating carefully – without the use of abrasive agents that can scratch it.

The working surface of the grill is most often made of aluminum. It is a durable and lightweight metal that will last long enough and is unpretentious to handle. Also, the surface of the grill is stone (in rakletnits, very durable material), glass-ceramic (poorly tolerates sharp temperature changes, but otherwise surpasses aluminum and other metals) and cast iron (long-lasting alloy, which is not so easy to clean), steel These are usually gratings, steel is very durable and does not fear good cleaning).

Some models of grills have removable working surfaces. This feature has two advantages: first, it is much easier to clean such a surface; secondly, on its other side there may be a surface with a different texture or even other material for more convenient preparation of different dishes.

If you are very concerned about maintaining the temperature during cooking, it is better to choose a grill with an adjustable thermostat. It will allow to maintain the exact temperature of the heated plates.

The presence of drip tray will not only make cleaning after cooking easier, but also will allow, for example, to use the juice of meat in other dishes.


If you are going to use a grill on the veranda or just outdoors, take care of choosing a model that has a special protection of dishes from the wind.

The presence of non-heated handles, as in many other kitchen appliances, will make the work with the grill safer and more convenient – you do not have to put on special kitchen gloves to open the lid.

LEDs are often used to indicate the achievement of the optimum heating temperature in grills. This allows you not to wait an extra few minutes before cooking, wondering if the device has brought the temperature to the desired level.

The design of some expensive electrogrills provides almost complete protection against burns – no external element of their body will be so hot during operation that it can cause pain and injury. Not too important, but very nice parameter, which will make cooking even easier and more comfortable.

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