How to Make Jelly in a Juicer

How to Make Jelly in a Juicer

By ironstill

July 21, 2018

What could be easier than cooking jelly? Well, perhaps creating a sandwich or brewing tea. And it is very unfortunate that today jelly is rarely cooked, and if they are prepared, it is made from semi-finished products. But the preparation of homemade strawberry jelly neither to taste, nor to smell has anything in common with a powder version has. And the best way to make sure of this is to personally prepare it. From strawberries, but how! This is good for this juicer 33 best breville juicer Lapatidoka

It’s nice that jelly, so tasty and desired by everyone from small to large dessert, does not contain gluten or casein (except when milk or sour milk products are used as a basis)!

To make strawberry jelly we need:

300-500 g of fresh strawberries

300-500 g of fresh strawberries (below its amount will be specified);

a bag of gelatin Dr. Oetker 10 g;

200-300 ml of clean water;

sugar to taste (from 2 to 4 tsp).


Strawberry juice

To make jelly, we need juice. And you need to get it from fresh strawberries. There are two ways to do this. The fastest way is to squeeze the juice with a juicer. In this case, even if you strain the juice through a net or gauze, it remains thick, and the jelly will not turn transparent. However, we will get an interesting visual effect – as if “clouds” appear in the jelly. This also affects the taste and consistency – the structure becomes less vitreous, and we like this variant with the child more, more “strawberry” leaves, or something. However, transparent jelly is also in use – it’s just a completely different dish is considered.

So, to make jelly with pulp, you need to squeeze juice with a juicer or press. To get 300 ml of juice, it was necessary to squeeze out 300 g of strawberries. By the way, the cake from the juicer is quite juicy and fragrant, and even well-ground. Boldly brew a jar of it or use it to make a dessert. At us it perfectly went with ice-cream.

For a transparent jelly, we act in a different way: we cover 500 g of strawberries with sugar and set aside for a few hours or overnight to stack the juice. After that, it is enough to clear the juice of the seeds, filtering it through a mesh or folded in several layers of gauze. However, seeds do not bother us at all, so I make jelly with them. We get a transparent, beautiful, luminous strawberry juice – our raw materials for jelly.

Then we act the same for both types of juice.

Try and add sugar to taste.

Further it is desirable to act exactly with the recommendations of the gelatin manufacturer, although they usually differ little from each other. The main thing is that the contents of the sachet should be calculated for 500 ml of liquid.

In the divorced juice pour gelatin and mix thoroughly. Leave to swell for 10 minutes.

Then we place a container with juice and gelatin on minimal fire and with constant stirring, cook until gelatin is dissolved. It is important to control the temperature! Jelly should not be heated to more than 60 degrees! However, on minimal fire on the smallest hotplate with stirring, gelatin simply has to dissolve at much lower temperatures.

Through a double-layered gauze or mesh filter our jelly.

Pour out into molds and leave to cool at room temperature.

When it is completely cool – we move it to the refrigerator. In a few hours, the jelly will grasp well, and it can be served to the table.

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