Making Wine With A Juicer

Making Wine With A Juicer

By ironstill

July 21, 2018

To squeeze out the grape juice and keep in it all the most valuable elements is a difficult but achievable task. Centrifugal juicers (with rare exceptions) are not designed for processing grapes because of the presence of small pits. If the berries for making juice or wine are few, then you can use a screw juicer. And if the harvest is plentiful, then it’s worth considering the construction of a self-made press.

Ways of pressing grape juice

Wine With A Juicer

A juicer for grapes, pomegranate, sea-buckthorn can be bought at the store. It must necessarily be equipped with a metal sieve. Particular attention is paid to the strength of the strainer because, because of the small seeds in many berries, the sieve cells are clogged, and sometimes even damaged. The simplest way is to squeeze the juice with a screw-fed juicer, manual, mechanical or electric. All of them will perfectly cope with the task, but they are unlikely to be suitable for processing in a short time hundreds or thousands of kilograms of berries.

A hand-made grape juicer can be made independently from improvised tools. The simplest option is to grind the berries in a meat grinder and squeeze the juice from the gruel through a dense fabric. Another original way is to take clean female kapron tights and fill them with grapes. The lower end of the pantyhose should be fixed at the bottom of the juice container, and the upper part gradually tightened. Under the pressure of the curling tissue, the berries will choke, and the juice will flow into the basin or bucket. In this case, all the cake will remain in pantyhose.

How to make homemade wine from grapes?

And the harvest is ripe! Juicy, slightly covered with a bluish bloom that absorbed both the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the morning dew, are already ready to share with us the wealth accumulated over the summer. They are ready to become wine.

Ways of pressing grape juice

If you think that the question of how to make homemade wine from grapes, alcohol drink lovers are concerned, you are mistaken. No drinking brewer will wait months for the moment when a fragrant drink will turn out from grape must. He will buy in the store something that is cheaper, and will be happy. The adept of winemaking enjoys not so much drinking, as contemplating the play of light in the glass and the process of making wine.

As you know, wines can be different: white, red, pink. Wines can be fortified or dessert, sweet, semi-sweet, dry or semi-dry. The most difficult at home is the production of dry wine, since the risk of obtaining vinegar instead of wine is considered.

The strength of wine depends on the amount of sugar: the more it is, the stronger the drink. The quality of the wine depends on the quality of the raw materials. There are special wine (technical) grades of grapes, from them the best wine is obtained. Table grapes are also suitable for wine production, but I would not undertake to guarantee a good result. Usually we make wine from a new variety in small quantities, so to speak, for testing.

For some time now, in the US and EU countries, a ban on the production of wine from traditional varieties has been introduced: Lydia and Isabella. Meanwhile, many winemakers claim the increased content of methanol in these varieties are considered a myth and still make wine from them. We have a couple of Isabella bushes, and Lidia is, and Codreanka, and Moldova, but personally I only like the wine that is made from Isabella or Codreanca. The wine from this grapes turns out fragrant and “dense”.

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